Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 77

Many people think that winning the lottery or receiving an enormous inheritance from a distant lonely relative is the only way to resolve their financial issues. It's ok to dream and have fun once in a while with lottery, however it's not wise to put our expectatives in something like that. fact is that most lottery winners loose everything before 2 years and put themselves in a worse financial situation than before. This is because they didn't change their consciousness.

If you change your consciousness the Universe will bring you lasting and secure prosperity, with or without lottery. If your consciousness was completely open for abundance, you would have this amount you desire right now, even without lottery, most of the time the Universe brings Divine prosperity through our life purpose.

Asking for lottery is limiting the Universe, it's telling HOW you want your abundance to come to you. The Universe is unlimited, let It find the best way for you and YOUR own source of YOUR own prosperity.

Livia Maris Jepsen
Insights based on the teachings of Louise Hay

Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 76

"You can never create prosperity by talking or thinking about lack of money. This is wasted thinking and cannot bring you abundance. Dwelling on lack only creates more lack. Poverty thinking brings more poverty. Gratitude thinking brings abundance.

Replace phrases like: "I never have enough money" with phrases like: "money comes to me easily and effortlessly"

Home work: List the phrases of limitation that you use or hear often and write a replacement phrase of prosperity.

Example: "money goes out faster than it comes in" REPLACED BY: "money comes in faster than it goes out"

Louise Hay in I Can Do It

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 75

There is no fear in Love - I John 4:18

Fear believes there is never enough
Love believes there is plenty for everyone

Fear believes that there is only one right answer
Love believes that there are many ways to understand something

Fear believes things will never change
Love believes that any situation can be transformed by the power of love.

Fear believes that you must map everything ahead of time
Love believes that you can trust the Divine process

Fear believes in negative thinking
Love believes in positive choices

Fear believes that damage is done
Love believes that healing can happen

Fear believes that if you are not a success by now, you must be a failure.
Love believes that you are only a failure of you give up your dreams

Fear believes that you must do everything with your own strength
Love believes in a Higher Power that wants to help you

Fear believes that it's too late
Love believes that it's never too late

Fear believes that the situation is impossible
Love believes that a solution can always be found

"Where there is great love, there are always miracles" - Will Cather

Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 74

If you suspect that your problems in your career, finances and/or love life are coming from past lifetimes, know that in the past people made vows of suffering, chastity and poverty. These vows or contracts were signed in strong rituals and sometimes signed with blood.

We may carry these promises in our subconscious mind and they may be creating problems in this lifetime. To resolve that, the Angels suggest you to make a "cancellation of contract" , written by hand, signed and dated. After that, you may read it out loud and burn the contract. You may repeat this as many times as it's necessary.

Example of Cancellation of Contract:


Sign, Date.

*Read it out loud and then burn it. You may repeat it as many times as you want.

Livia Maris Jepsen

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 73

"When someone realizes the Presence of their Higher-Self, the Magic I AM Presence, he/she allows this Presence to express unlimited possibilities and Perfection. The I AM Presence cannot manifest anything less than Perfection and Plenty. One must realize, comprehend and feel this Presence to be able to see the miracles from IT in their physical life." - St. Germain in "I AM: The Magic Presence" by Godfré Ray King

Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 72 (Monday, 10/17/11)

10 Prosperity Laws from the Rich Dad's mindset - Robert Kyosaki

1. Instead of thinking "I can't afford this", think: "How can I afford this?"
2. Instead of thinking "my kids make me poor", think "I want to be rich for my kids".
3. "I don't care about money" becomes "I appreciate the money that comes to me". Everything we appreciate comes back to us.
4. "I don't take financial risks" becomes "I take calculated risks" with abundant thinking.
5. "Pay myself last" becomes "Pay myself first".
6. "I depend on the money from ..." becomes "I take responsibility for myself"
7. Academic literacy is important, but financial literacy is more important.
8. "I work for my money" becomes "MY MONEY WORKS FOR ME" (Invest in passive income and things that make money for you, instead of investing in things that make you loose money and depreciate in value).
9. "Making money is important" becomes "managing money is important"
10. Your home is not an asset, it is a liability when abundant thinking is applied. Anything that drains your finances is a liability.

Robert Kyosaki
Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Day 71 (Sunday, 10/16/11)

"I appreciate and use everything that I have".

Be appreciative, say thank you! Gratitude acknowledges your power and ability to create. Whatever we give our attention to, increases.

Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer

Day 70 (Saturday, 10/15/11)

"I surround myself with things that reflect my aliveness and energy"

Objects have energy. You feel the energy of the objects around you at a subtle level, so surround yourself with only those items you love and feel connected to. Broken or useless possessions clutter your energy. This increases the flow of prosperity in your life.

Get rid of broken or useless objects around your home and office. Recycle, give away or sell them. Make space for something better and useful to come in.

Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer

Day 69 (Friday 10/14/11)

"Money is magnetic. It flows and circulates. The more it flows and circulates, the richer the society is. You do not "create" money when you bring it to your life; you tap into a flow that is already there. When you create wealth you do not take from someone else; you become part of a flow of money.

Let it circulate through you. Remember that the more money circulates, the wealthier everyone is, just as the more times inventory turns over, the more prosperous a store becomes. Prosperity comes when giving and receiving are flowing freely.

All the money I spend enriches society and comes back to be multiplied."

Sanaya Romand and Duane Packer

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 68 (Thursday, Oct. 13th 2011)

Replace the thought: " I CANNOT AFFORD" with the thought "HOW CAN I AFFORD?"

This will bring the infinite intelligence of the Universe into action in your mind.
This is abundant thinking and not limiting thinking.

Robert Kyosaki

Day 67 (Wednesday 10/12/11)

"Don't think that karma can block you from receiving prosperity, because if your past life was that important, you would be living that life not this one.
Besides, the Universe suffers more with people's poverty than with people's prosperity."


Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 66 (Tuesday 10/11/11)

Decree for Prosperity (say it out loud 3 times)

I AM free from fear and doubt
Casting want and misery out
Knowing now all good supply
Ever comes from realms on high

I AM the hand of God's own fortune
Flooding forth the treasures f light
Now receiving full abundance
To supply each need of life.

The Summit Lighthouse

Day 65 (10/10/11)

Richness doesn't bring prosperity. Prosperity brings richness. There are rich people whom live poorly. There are poor people, whom live like if they were rich, they have everything paid for and don't even use their own money for bills. If you are rich but not prosperous, you will spend your money unwisely and when the money is gone, you will be poor and never be rich again.

Prosperity is not only money, but also plenty of health, friends, energy, love.

Lair Ribeiro

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 64

If you continue to do exactly what you are doing, you will continue to get exactly what you have been getting. For you to get more than what you are getting, something needs to be changed.

Lair Ribeiro

Friday, October 7, 2011

DAY 63

Prosperity is a state of mind. Only who is able to "feel" prosperous can actually "be" truly prosperous.
With a prosperous state of mind, you have prosperous feelings and a prosperous life, no matter what the circumstances are.
To be able to receive prosperity, you must understand that you deserve it. Every son and daughter of God deserves it because God is lavish abundance.
When you "temporarily" fail to believe that you deserve to receive prosperity, call your Angels to help you to receive it.
The Angels of Abundance are here exactly to help us feel deserving and put us in our Purpose which always bring us true prosperity.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 62

The prosperity behind the act of donating comes from the thoughts that you KNOW that you will always have plenty and that the money you give out will come back to you multiplied.

I started putting this principle into practice many years ago and discovered that every time I donated, I would receive some extra referrals, more clients, more tips, and sometimes, some unexpected money.

It doesn't matter how much you donate, just do a little if you can. You can donate time or a service also. Donate clothes that you don't use. Prosperity is a balance between giving and receiving.

Good action for today: donate something to someone, the Angels remind you that there is always someone that has less than you.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 61 (for wednesday 10/05/2011)


When I am afraid, I ask myself:
How can I give more to life?
When I am tangled in past regrets
or frightening stories of the future,
I bring myself to the present moment
And I know that I AM SAFE.

When I am tempted to complain
I choose praise and gratitude.
I take a deep breath.
I look around and see
How rich I am in the things that count.

I look within and see my unlimited potential
I realize that every moment is filled with blessings
and every day I am alive
is a gift to be grateful for.

I remember that God is my Source
and abundance is reflected
in the faces of the people I love
and in the faces of those
I have yet to learn to love.

Eternally this abundance says:
Every family is my family.
Every success is my success.
Every bride is my beauty
and every bridegroom my Beloved.
Every child s my new beginning
and every elder is my life ripe with experience.
Every dawn is my new day.
Every sunset is my world turning.
Every season is good
and offers its bounty to me.
Eery moment is mine to embrace
for it is Eternal Now
forever expressing in, through, and for me.

I live in the Forever Here
that is alive in all.
Translucent grace shines in us,
awake and aware of the beauty we are
as we become all we were meant to be.
And so it is.

Candy Paull

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 60 (Tuesday 4/10/11)

"One thing to be aware of is how you talk to yourself. This can reveal a lot about how healthy your thinking really is. How many times do you use "could have", "would have", and "should have"? Although you may think that these are useful correctional phrases that mean you have understood your mistakes, they are nothing to do with abundant thinking. They are dealing with the past, and giving power to the things you fee"

from Abundant Thinking: Guide to Positive Thinking, Living with Abundance and Practicing Abundant Thinking

Day 59 (for Monday 3/10/11)

"People who think abundantly do not suffer guilt for their desire to attain more. This is for two reasons: they are already grateful for what they have, and they do not feel that asking for more will deprive anyone else. Abundance means there is plenty to go around for everyone"

Abundant Thinking: Guide to Positive Thinking, Living with Abundance and Practicing Abundant Thinking

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 58

Abundant thinking is not about working more hours to accumulate more belongings, or becoming miserly with your money because you want your bank accounts to appear more abundant. These attitudes work in direct opposition to the Law of Abundance. These are reactions based on fear and panic, and Universal Laws are based in trusting the Universe and the abundance in it, available to everyone"
Candy Paull

Day 57 - B

The Law of Abundance states that the universe is continually and effortlessly producing, creating unlimited resources for us to take advantage of. You only have to look at Nature to know this is true."

Day 57

The ability to receive and manifest this power depends upon the ability to recognize the Infinite Energy ever dwelling in man, constantly creating and recreating his body and mind, and ready at any moment to manifest through him in any needful manner. In exact proportion to the recognition of this truth will be the manifestation in the outer life of the individual.  Therefore, you shall begin to recognize the truth" - Candy Paul

Day 56 (for Sunday 10/02/11)

The Unlimited Abundance of the Universe in your life starts when you realize the truth of the goodness and abundance of the world. This can be done through blessing, praising and thanking the universe for all you have including health, talent, abilities and events. Try to find at least one good thing in situations and people, even the ones that hurt you.

Developing a harmonious gratitude and projecting it to the world will allow and force the world to cooperate with you in miraculous ways.


Day 55

The experiences in your life mirror out the experiences inside of you. How much do you believe that you can have or accomplish?

The level of prosperity in your life is the same level of prosperity that you believe that you can have. You can believe that you can have, or you can believe that you can't. Either way you will be right.

If people put you down enough you start believing them. Then it will be easier to believe in bad words than in the good ones. Tell yourself good things and convince your subconscious mind of good things. Raise the level of BELIEF in yourself.

Livia Maris Jepsen