Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 97

The art of manifesting miracles in the physical reality:

" You do not have to be able to do anything. You don't have to be able to see anything. It is even preferable if you don't even know anything. With zero limits, anything becomes possible. Only know that in the next moment, anything can happen." - Richard Bartlett, D.C., N.D. - Matrix Energetics

Action step: meditate upon this and write down your thoughts in your prosperity journal

Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 96

Prosperity Law 11 by Joshua David Stone

Set up a Spiritual battleplan to achieve your prayer goals
This law deals with the importance of setting up a Spiritual battleplan to achieve your prayer goal. In this Spiritual battleplan list every possible thing you can do to manifest this prayer on every level. For example, it might involve advertising, saying a special prayer every day, making phone calls, studying books, and on and on.

Action Plan:
Write down physical a list of things that you can do right now to speed up the achievement of your prayers. It may be finishing up a course, a book, sending out resumes, restart the mantras or decrees that you let go a while back, make a business plan, open up a Savings Account, start that diet, etc...write down anything and everything that comes to mind that you can do right now.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 95

Prosperity Law 7
by Joshua David Stone

God works in mysterious ways
The seventh law is that God works in mysterious ways. So do not limit God by telling God the prosperity has to come in a certain way. Be open to all avenues of prosperity, even ones you have not conceived of as a possibility!

 Write down something you would like to manifest in your life.
 Keep a log writing down any small thing that you notice happening in your life that is helping you to come closer to your manifestation goal – no matter how small it may seem. So this is really an exercise in growing more aware and conscious of how Spirit communicates with us and helps us along the way. We see what we are looking for! Most people complain saying that Spirit’s help is not forthcoming when they are in need, when in truth Spirit always helps. It is usually our blindness that keeps us from seeing it. So for 21 days make a conscious effort to notice Spirit’s help with your manifestation goals.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day 94

The law of Detachment

One of the worst ways to block the manifestation process is to be too attached to the prayer and requests. This attachment comes from the ego and not from a place of trust and faith. Look at your prayer as a "preference" instead of something that you MUST HAVE in order to be happy. Release the prayer and know that you will be happy either way, because when we ask God for something, at the same moment, His invisible hands are working in your manifestation. It might be exactly what you expected or it might be something even better and totally unexpected. Be open! Release the idea that God wouldn't be able to bring you better happiness than you can think of. God knows better than us because He can see the big picture. Trust that you will receive your wish in the best way possible, but release the wish and be happy now.

Based on the teachings of Joshua D. Stone

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 93


Gratitude is one very important lesson of prosperity, because of we are not grateful for what we have we block having more of it. Be grateful for the money that you DO have, not the money that is missing, Be grateful for the health that you DO have, for everything in your life. The more you see beauty, more you experience God.

Action Steps on Gratitude based on Joshua David Stone' teachings:

Make a list of 100 things that you are grateful for. Everytime you catch yourself being negative and focusing in bad things, remember to read the list. You will see the blessings multiplying miraculously.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 92

Prosperity Law 6
Dr. Stone

Be aligned on all levels

The next law has to do with alignment and integration. For prosperity and manifestation to work, there must be consistency, alignment and integration between the Superconscious mind, conscious mind, subconscious mind, physical body and the Earthly world. This is the place most people falter in prosperity consciousness and manifestation, for they do not get all levels aligned consistently!

 Make a conscious effort to align your three minds. How do you do that? You begin by growing conscious of what’s currently in the three minds. Ask yourself the following three questions:

Question No.1
With regards to prosperity and abundance, what is the Spiritual ideal that my Superconscious mind holds? Write it down. Essentially, this Mini-Course tells you exactly what the Spiritual ideal is! It tells you precisely how to manifest abundance and prosperity from the Soul’s perspective.

Question No.2
With regards to prosperity and abundance, what do I consciously think about it? For most people, their conscious thinking is not in alignment with their Superconscious thinking. For example, on a Super- conscious level, our Soul would have us know that we are already one with whatever we want to manifest in life. However, on a conscious mind level we don’t believe it because we can’t see it with our physical eyes, so there is an inconsistency in the program. Write down what your thoughts and thinking are on a conscious mind level, with regards to abundance and prosperity.

Question No.3:
With regards to prosperity and abundance, what pro- grams are currently running in my subconscious mind? How do you know what programs are running in your subconscious mind? Just look at what your parents taught you about money and abundance, what your peers taught you, what your religion taught you (for example: you can’t be rich and Spiritual at the same time), etc. Look at the abundance level of the five people you are spending most time with? These are just a few examples of places to look at that will tell you a lot about your subconscious thinking around money and prosperity.

Next, make a conscious effort to align your three minds. Ideally, the Superconscious mind guides and programs the conscious mind, and the Supercons- cious-mind-attuned conscious mind then programs the subconscious mind. This way all three minds will be acting in concert, which is an absolute key to manifest abundance in life both Spiritually, mentally, emotionally and on a physical/Earthly level.

So to align the three minds really means to program both the subconscious and conscious mind with Superconscious or Soul-attuned thinking. You may do that studying about Spiritual Abundance, using hypnosis, NLP, EFT, affirmations, or any other way the angels bring to you to reprogram your beliefs accordingly to the Spirit of God and His Angels.

Day 91

Building a Vision Board

Things you will need:
- old magazines, pictures, prints of places, things and actions that attract you
- scissors
- construction paper
- glue
- marker

Make sure to find pictures that trigger your best feelings. The manifestations happen much faster when we put feelings on them. If you would like to go on a trip, find a picture of the place that you want to go. But not only a picture of the place, it must be a picture that makes you FEEL like if you are there.

I love pictures of places that have windows on them, because they make me feel like I am already there, looking out the window.

You may put pictures of friends, things, professions, sports that you would like to master or learn, and trust me, the opportunities will appear out of nowhere. Put the pictures of the body that you want, hair, house, anything.

Stare at the pictures of your vision board as often as you can. Feel in them. You will see them all manifesting faster than you can expect, as long as you put a lot of feeling on them.