Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 98

Gratitude is the magic word to manifest money. But how to be grateful for the money that you do have instead of worrying about the money that is missing?

A great way to get started with this shifting of consciousness is described by Rhonda Byrne in her new book "The Magic". She suggests that you make a list of everything that you can remember from your childhood that was given to you for free, such as shelter, food, rides to school, clothes, etc. All these things cost money and they were given to you while you were growing up. Truly feel grateful for these things.

Next, make a list of everything that was given to you in adulthood, such as gifts, discounts, every paycheck.

At last, get a 1 dollar bill and put on top of it a sticky note with the words: "I am truly grateful for everything that was given to me throughout my life"

Put this dollar bill in a place where you can see it often. Truly feel grateful for everything in your list everytime you see the dollar bill.